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Linksys WRT54GL
Linksys discharged the WRT54G router in 2002. It obtained level of popularity for being a highly effective, effortlessly adjustable hub. Numerous 3rd party projects have discharged replacement firmware for the modem which can allow it to conduct features certainly not originally accessible. It important to purchase a Linksys WRT54GL as it possesses enough memory to put in the third-party firmware. Recent version of the WRT54G possess insufficient memory therefore make sure you opt for the WRT54GL.

OpenWRT and also X-WRT
OpenWRT is a Open Source firmware task for the WRT54GL router. It's a quite little variation of Linux which runs in spot of the inventory Linksys firmware. The firmware is actually readily available coming from openwrt.org. I choose to utilize yet another project named X-wrt (x-wrt. org) which is actually based on OpenWRT but has actually incorporated a pleasant graphical main end for setting up the hub.

To set up X-WRT (Which might invalidate your service warranty).

1) Install the openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs. bin firmware picture to your Personal Computer.
2) Open [] in your web browser or even personally go to.
[] -> Administration -> Firmware Upgrade.
3) Publish openwrt-wrt54g-2.4- squashfs.bin.
4) Stand by 2 minutes. The modem will definitely reboot on its own automatically after the upgrade is total.
5) You must today be able to telnet to your router (IP address: as well as begin configuring.

Setting up a Captive-Portal.
Almost all office Hotspots are travel wifi Imprisoned Portals, this looks like an Open or Unencrypted Wifi sign however then reroutes any sort of website traffic to a certain website referred to as a "Splash Page" where your often asked to login or acquisition net get access to. This is actually a clever method of performing points as a lot of notebooks are going to instantly hook up to an available WiFi signal, then when a customer runs Web Explorer (or which ever Web web browser they utilize) they are sent out to your splash web page regardless of what internet site they attempt to attach to. The absolute most known free of charge slave gateway program is actually Chillispot, which may be installed, and also start-up, as an alternative an amount of office carriers make simple to use Captive Gateway software, which can be mounted on your WRT54GL.


In this post our team possess check out just how effective as well as functional the Linksys WRT54GL router is. With a little bit of job you can transform it right into a highly effective WiFi Hotspot hub, which can be used for touting your consumers for Internet gain access to. Good luck with you brand-new job!

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